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ACS Appointment System
January 31, 2023

Carefully read through the below information about setting an appointment online for your visit to the American Citizen Services in Stockholm and how to change or cancel your appointment. Please note that you cannot set up an appointment over the phone.

How to Schedule an Appointment

In the step-by-step instructions for each service you will find a link to our appointment website. Simply click on that link and choose a date and time for you to come in. For a passport appointment for instance, you go to our passport services pages and for a notarial to our notarial services pages. Making, changing, or canceling an appointment is free of charge. Each applicant will receive an individual appointment identification number and password, guaranteeing privacy and maximum flexibility in making and cancelling appointments. Please print and keep this information as you will need it to change or cancel your appointment if you no longer need it, or cannot make the time or date you have chosen.

Download, print, and complete all of the required forms before you schedule your appointment.

If you wish to cancel an appointment, please visit the appointment booking site.

If you are renewing passports for multiple family members, a separate passport appointment is not required. Simply select the service you require, and list the names of all family members attending the appointment in the spaces provided for “non-applicants attending appointments” in the relevant screen.

Appointments are mandatory. We do not provide walk-in services. If we do not have available appointments on our website above, please keep checking for available appointments or cancellations. Customers with an emergency requiring immediate attention, should contact us through our US Citizens Services Navigator.