Economic Statecraft

Economic statecraft is a top priority of the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm. It’s a policy platform that puts economics at the forefront of diplomacy. What does that mean? It varies from post to post.

At Embassy Stockholm it means deepening the commercial ties between the U.S. and Sweden – more trade, more exchange of sustainable technologies, more sharing of innovation best practices. It means helping foster cooperation between USAID and SIDA on public-private partnerships to fund entrepreneurship in developing countries. It means cooperating in international forums like the OECD on standards for anti-corruption to help level the trade playing field. It means sponsoring events for corporate executives and civil society organizations to explore how to support women’s leadership in business.

And those are only a few examples. It means, in short, using economic levers to support democracy and human rights in developing countries, and using foreign policy levers to support commercial growth and competitiveness.

Below you can see some examples of how we translate this policy priority into reality.

Cooperation on Development Assistance

Commercial Expansion

Women’s Empowerment