U.S. fdiFinder

The U.S. fdiFinder is an interactive map created by the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm showcasing foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in the U.S. The map is unusual in that it lets users see project specific investments by Swedish companies in the United States. Views include not just a map, but two data grid views that let users aggregate data by sector, state, city or company, as well see detailed data on jobs created and investment made. While the site is not a statistics site per se, it’s both a trend indicator and a place to start for investors wanting to find other investors already located in the U.S. Users can filter and sort data to answer questions about who is investing in what states in the U.S., what companies are investing the most, and what sectors those investments are in. Queries like these should help new investors feel more comfortable investing in the United States, which will deepen the commercial ties of Sweden and the U.S. – an important goal of both the U.S. Government and the Swedish Government.

Visit the U.S. fdiFinder website here.