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Documents We Do Not Notarize

The following documents cannot be notarized at a U.S. Embassy. 

Apostille/Legalize U.S. Birth/Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificates

U.S. Embassies and Consulates do not have the authority to affix an “apostille” to American documents.  Please do not schedule an appointment for this.  The Secretary of State in the State where the document was issued is authorized to affix the Apostille on a birth/death certificate.  The apostille will officially authenticate the signature and seal of your state issued certificate for use in another country.

Certified Copy of Academic Credentials

The Embassy cannot provide this service.   Please do not schedule an appointment for this.  Please contact the issuing educational institution. More information is available from the Department of State website.

Criminal Background Check

The Embassy does not provide this service. Please do not schedule an appointment for this.

Medallion Signature Guarantee

A consular officer cannot perform a Medallion Signature Guarantee (which is a financial institution’s guarantee that an investor’s signature is genuine as well as its acceptance of any liability for any forgery within the securities transfer instruction), however some financial institutions may accept a United States embassy seal in the place of a medallion signature guarantee. Please verify this with your financial institution before booking an appointment for notary services.

For more information, see the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.

General questions about Medallion Signature Guarantees should be directed to the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Assistance, by email to help@sec.gov, by phone at 1-800-SEC-0330, by fax at 202-772-9295, or by mail to 100 F Street, NE, Washington, D.C., 20549-0213.

Swedish financial institutions that are connected to U.S. or Canadian banks may be able to offer a medallion signature guarantee to existing customers.  Banks that have no affiliation with you – the investor – are unlikely to assume the liability inherent within the signature guarantee.

Obtain Copies of U.S. Vital Records

The Embassy cannot provide copies of U.S. vital records.  Please do not schedule an appointment for this.  In order to obtain any state government issued document concerning birth, death, marriage or divorce, you may order one from the website of the National Center for Health Statistics.