Small Grants Program

The Embassy has a Small Grants Program which provides small grants to support artistic, academic, and other activities with a connection to American culture or values when such support is of mutual interest to both the requesting organization and the Embassy.

Grant applications are accepted throughout the year.  Applications are regularly reviewed and evaluated for award based on the proposed activity’s linkage to Embassy priority goals, potential contribution of the project or activity to increasing understanding in Sweden of American culture and society, financial feasibility – including the level of any cost sharing by the applicant, and the availability of funds in the Small Grants Program budget.

The Embassy encourages the submission of unique and creative proposals from a wide variety of sources.

Contact us at

To apply for a grant, please fill out and e-mail us the SF-424 application form for individuals or organizations as well as the Grant Request Document (PDF – 81 KB) and the US Embassy Grant Budget Document (PDF 75 KB).

Please note that in some cases you might get an error message when you open these PDF forms. Regardless of what it states, as long as you have a current version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer you should be able to both fill out the forms and save these on your computer.

Application Forms