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Information Resource Center

The Information Resource Center (IRC) Stockholm is the Embassy’s research and reference service, assisting both the general public and the Embassy’s target audience. With our specialized knowledge of the United States, we can help you find an answer to a U.S.-related question or point you in the right direction for further information.

This is where you can find:

  • U.S. policy towards Sweden
  • U.S.-Swedish treaties
  • U.S. position on various topics such as human rights, democracy, etc.
  • Information about U.S. legislation, federal and state
  • Speeches or statements by the President

How to contact us:
Phone: 08-783 5300
E-mail: stockholmirc@state.gov

Please note that we will not answer inquires concerning visas, immigration, or citizenship matters, nor read or forward them. All such inquires must be referred to the Consular Section.

The Information Resource Center also does not provide information about Sweden. Non-Swedish residents should contact the Swedish Embassy in their country for such information. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a page through which one can locate embassies around the world. Fact sheets and answers to many frequently asked questions about Sweden can be found at the web page of the Swedish Institute.