Security Alert – Major Demonstration in Stockholm

The Regional Security Office has ben notified by the Swedish Police the authorized demonstrations will occur in Stockholm by both the Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen, NMR) and the Revolutionary Communist Youth (Revolutionär Kommunistisk Ungdom) on Saturday, August 25 starting at approximately 1000 hours and continuing until after 1800 hours. Additionally, 134 permits have ben issued for a variety of public events, concerts, and races within the StockholmCounty. Accordingly, Police predict major traffic disruptions and the possibility of violent conflicts between the two groups specified above. The demonstration sizes are unknown, but may range in size from 1,000-3,000 individuals. Swedish Police have committed significant additional resources to cover the planned demonstrations and events.

RSO directs Chief of Mission personnel to avoid the immediate area of the demonstration due to the possibility that demonstrations intended to be peaceful many turn confrontational and escalate into violence. The State department’s World Wide Caution guidance should continue to be followed by “avoiding and exercising caution if you inadvertently find yourself in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.”

The schedule/route is as follows:

10:00 hours.   NMR congregates at Kungsholmstorg
13:00 hours    NMR marches towards Norr Mälarstrand-Sankt Eriksgatan-Hantverkargatan-Kungsholmstorg
14:00 hours    RKU congregates at Norra Bantorget, marches towards Torsgatan-Vasaparken
15:00 hours    RKU demonstration ends
18:00 hours    NMR demonstration ends