Steven Wozencraft Meets with the Embassy and Swedish LGBT Advocates

Steven Wozencraft, Chairman and CEO of JOD Global Philanthropies and an advocate for LGBT rights, visited Stockholm on April 25 and met with Ambassador Brzezinski as well as Swedish civil society and government organizations. Deputy Chief of Mission Robert Gilchrist hosted a breakfast roundtable discussion with some of these groups where Steven described his lifelong interest in pursuing social justice, including his work as a founding member of the Clinton Global Initiative and as a Partners Committee representative of the Global Equality Fund (GEF).

Participants in the discussion, including a representative from Sweden’s International Development Assistance Agency (Sida) and the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Right or RFSL (Sweden’s largest LGBT rights organization), talked not just about the work of the GEF but also developments in global LGBT rights and the possibility of increased partnership with the private sector to leverage additional resources for advocacy.

Secretary of State Clinton launched the GEF in December 2011 to promote LGBT civil rights and protection, the Government of Sweden is a GEF partner. USAID, working with Sida and four private and civil society organizations, established the Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Global Development Partnership in April 2013, whose mission is capacity building for LGBT civil society organizations worldwide.