Passport Services

If you are overseas and your passport expired on or after January 1, 2020, you may be able to use your expired passport to return directly to the United States until December 31, 2021. This may be an excellent option if your planned travel conflicts with your appointment date.  If you choose to utilize this option and hold an appointment with us that you will not attend, please cancel the appointment and notify us so we may offer the time to another citizen.

If you are eligible to renew your passport by mail, please utilize this option to avoid visiting the embassy. We will not grant in-person appointments to applicants who are eligible to renew by mail and have the time to do so.

For those who require an in-person appointment, please consider the following:

  1. We will open new appointments as often as we can and reopen canceled appointments daily.  Please continue to check our website for availability.
  2.  If you are NOT traveling in the next three months, we ask that you not schedule an appointment at this time to allow citizens with urgent needs to take advantage of any availability online.
  3. If you are traveling in the next month and have been unable to find an appointment online, please email us at, and include:
    • that you are required to appear in person and the reason (minor passport, first adult passport, last passport lost/stolen, etc.)
    • the full names and dates of birth of everyone that will be attending the appointment (parents and minors for minor passport appointments)
    • your travel itinerary, clearly showing the dates of travel and the passengers traveling
    • a telephone number that you may be contacted at.

For our safety and the safety of other visitors, please reschedule your appointment if you feel unwell or have had contact in the past 14 days with any individuals presenting symptoms of COVID-19 (or experienced these symptoms yourself in the past 14 days).  Visitors exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 may be turned away and rescheduled for a later date.

  • Bring your own black pen to sign your application in front of the consular officer and copies of your supporting documents to minimize the spread of germs.
  • Bring a face covering, as all applicants other than infants are required to wear a face-covering while visiting the Embassy.
  • Do not bring laptops.  Avoid bringing bulky bags or unnecessary items that will slow down security screening and extend your contact with security screeners.  If you bring a laptop, be aware your appointment may be canceled and rescheduled for a later date.

Information about third party attendance at Passport and CRBA appointment interviews (click here)

What Service Do You Require?


Information about who is eligible to renew a passport by mail, and how to apply.

If you were issued an emergency, limited-validity passport at an Embassy or Consulate because you had urgent need of travel, you should apply to renew this passport for a full-validity passport as soon as possible.

If the passport is for a minor under age 16, please note that there are specific requirements that apply to such applications.

Information for individuals who needs to report a lost or stolen passport, and how to obtain a replacement passport.

Information about how to amend a passport for change of name or data correction.