Passports for Minors Under Age 16

The Department of State requires the personal appearance of all minors applying for U.S. passports. This applies even if the child has previously been issued a passport, regardless of place of issuance. The State Department strongly encourages both parents/legal guardians to apply in person for passports for their children. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must submit proof of their relationship to the minor applicant and proof of parental consent.

How to Renew a Passport for a Minor under Age 16

Step 1: Complete the form DS-11. Complete the form online, and then print it. Do not sign it.

Step 2: Obtain two passport photos for the child. Photo standards are listed on the travel.state page.

Step 3: Obtain the child’s birth certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad, and one copy. Both parents who are listed on the birth certificate, along with the child, are required to attend the interview. If two parents are not attending the interview, see the “if applicable” information at the bottom of this page.

Step 4: Make one copy of the government issued photo identification for the applying parent(s). You may copy both IDs on the same page. Bring the original IDs with you to the appointment.

Step 5: Make one copy of the biodata page of the child’s current passport to bring to the appointment. If the child’s current passport has been lost or stolen, the DS-11 will automatically generate an additional form that you will need to bring with you to the appointment.

Step 6: Make an appointment. The link below will take you to our online calendar where you can choose a date and time slot of your choice.  Due to limited appointment availability, families may schedule one shared appointment for multiple passport applications, but should list all family members attending the appointment during the booking process. Make your appointment

Step 7: Obtain a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope (with the complete address to which you want your new passport sent within Sweden). It is no longer possible to send registered mail (REK) with Swedish stamps so please order a shipment label on Postnord’s website.

Please be aware that postage labels are valid for 90 days from purchase. Do not purchase your postage label more than one week before your appointment to avoid delays.

Step 8: Payment for the passport application is made at the Embassy on the day of the interview in USD or SEK. The fee is $115. You may pay in cash or by credit or debit card only.

If you bring all of the required documents above to your interview, the standard processing time is 2-3 weeks.

If applicable:

  • If only one parent is applying, provide either a birth certificate listing you as sole parent, a death certificate of the other parent, or a court order which lists you as having sole physical and legal custody of the child.
  • If one parent is not available, the non-applying parent must complete the form DS-3053. This form must be notarized, and the identification that was presented to the notary must be copied, back and front, and included with the form. We require the original of the DS-3053 to adjudicate the passport application.