The Interview

The second stage of the fiancé(e) visa process will begin when the Embassy receives the approved I-129F petition from the NVC. This could take a month after the date of approval notice.

At that time, we will contact the applicant by e-mail and provide a packet of instructions concerning the required documents. Petitioner should ensure that they are monitoring the e-mail address provided on form I-129F and make sure to forward all information to the beneficiary (applicant). At such time, the applicant can also make an appointment and pay the application fee through the applicant attempts to schedule his/her appointment through the appointment system provider before he/she has been instructed to do so, the appointment date will be cancelled.

Interviews are scheduled Monday through Thursday at 8:30 a.m., and if the visa is approved, it will be issued within two weeks. Please note that the petitioner does no need to attend the interview. There is a $265 fee for the fiancé(e) visa itself, but there are fees charged for the mandatory medical examination and for some of the required documents.